About the Founder

Hi! I'm Deborah Song. 

I love to travel. I believe in the therapeutic powers of travel. 

I have always been passionate about business and the platform for change. I stood in awe by watching Patagonia's founder and others influence change in a much more fluid way than some politicians. Business was the engine that drove our economy, innovation and spurred life. 

Ten years after working in finance, I made the leap to try my hand at professional writing. I went to NYU's journalism school, where I learned that the world did not need another mediocre writer. The only thing I had to offer was the way I saw and experienced my journey. My voice was the only unique thing I could offer and my perspective a unique filter, as each of us possess. 

I am a writer by trade. I first fell in love with the ability to travel through the stories of other people's experiences. Travel by Word started as a blog, magazine, a compilation of stories where travelers shared their experiences. Out of their stories, was born a desire to create more sound travel acessories. 

You can find my writing on the Travel by Word magazine. We share tips and stories. 

Travel by Word certainly was the road less traveled. It took a while to figure out how I wanted to bring my entrepreneurial, artistic aspirations together. But it is a compilation of my journey in sorts. It combines my passion for business, writing and of course, travel. I have come full circle. And Travel by Word is the globe.