About Us


We want to help you start your next journey off on the right foot. 

Travel by Word is committed to helping savvy conscious travelers pack smarter, while reducing their carbon footprint before they've even taken their first travel step. If traveling responsibly is even a minute detail on your itinerary, why travel with accessories that don't take our ecosystem into consideration? That's unnecessary baggage.





 Our Commitment to Excellence

Packing doesn't have to happen with clumsy resistance. Feel empowered and excited about your next journey from the very start. The right accessories can prevent theft or loss of belongings, save you time, and should make you look more chic. Travel by Word is committed to creating travel accessories that help you pack with ease, efficiency and elegance. 








Our Commitment to Cruelty-Free 

We're equally committed to creating quality products that are cruelty-free and better for the environment.  Vegan leather has come a long way. What seemed impossible just a few years ago is a reality now. Our PU leather is so good, it feel just like the real thing. 



How We Give Back 


The impact of your travels will long outlast your trip when you travel with Travel by Word accessories. Integrated into the core of our company is an engine to pay it forwardSeven percent of all profits will be donated to help those in need find proper housing and stop needless suffering of animals. We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity and World Animal Protection to help us reach these goals. 


Thanks for journeying with us!