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Our vegan leather is made of 100% PU saffiano leather. That means it is completely cruelty-free. PU leather is also better for the environment than real leather, which uses toxic chemicals to dye. Other types of synthetic leather like PVC leave... 

By choosing not to use leather, we hope to offer a more environmentally friendly alternative and reduce the carbon footprint. However, we do acknowledge that even recycleable alternatives are not without impact on the environment.

But we are committed to explore a more responsible avenue and we're excited about the innovative advancements that are happening with vegan leather. Many faux leather manufacturers, for instance, are also refining their polyurethane products to reduce the amount of petroleum needed to produce them. We will continue to explore these avenues. 

Seeing is believing

Vegan leather has come a long way. What seemed impossible just a few years ago is a reality now. Our PU saffiano leather is so good, it feel just like the real thing. Try it. We have an easy return policy.  [Link]

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Elegant design. Functional utility. Cruelty-free. Easy returns. There are no compromises with the Nina Jewelry Case.