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Debut Item

We're excited to present our debut item: the Nina jewelry case. Made of 100% saffiano vegan leather, and constructed with functionality in mind, transporting your jewelry doesn't have to be a tangled mess anymore. 

We chose a jewelry case as our debut item because having spoken to many travelers, many left their jewelry behind because it was a nuissance to carry. After surveying what was on the market, we decided to create a jewelry case that took every utility into consideration. Our earring clasp, for instance, has the capacity to hold not only studs but dangly earrings as well. The necklace clasp will hold most necklaces of any length because of the bottom pouch. And the middle zip enclosure will hold everything in between, like your bracelets. It is zippered to secure all of it together. Without being too bulky or too small, the Nina jewelry case will fit into any side crevice of your luggage.