Saffy Jewelry Case

Made of 100% vegan saffiano leather, and designed with functionality in mind for the savvy traveler, transporting your jewelry doesn't have to be a tangled mess anymore.

After speaking to travelers about how they pack, we were surprised to discover how many reluctantly left their jewelry behind. Leave your jewelry behind? What? Why?

Sure, jewelry doesn't always have a proper place, perhaps on a safari in South Africa, or on a mission to help build homes in rural Guatemala. But there are many travels where having the right accessories could accentuate the experience.

Turns out, bringing jewelry on trips for many travelers often meant jewelry would get tangled, damaged or lost. Some wrapped their jewelry in tissue paper, while others dumped them in a pouch, leaving the painstaking job to detangle jewelry before they could be worn. After such headache, many travelers relegated jewelry to a traveling nuisance.

Not like the others

After surveying what was on the market, we decided to create a jewelry case that took every utility into consideration. There certainly were jewelry cases on the market. But was it something we would carry and use ourselves? Did it hold jewelry efficiently and securely? What was lacking? What was it made of? Was it enhancing the goal of conscious travelers who wished to travel responsibly? These were questions we asked when designing our jewelry case. 

The Design


Our ring roll will securely hold a plethora of rings. The earring clasp has the capacity to hold up to 8 pairs of not just studs but dangly earrings as well. The purposeful design enables the safe-keeping and organizing of a myriad of accessories without feeling overcrowded.  



The necklace clasp does not restrict necklaces based on length because the bottom pouch will catch the length and weight of most necklaces and pendants. 



And the middle zip enclosure will hold everything in between, like your bracelets, hoop earrings or watch. 



All of your jewelry can be securely zipped up with a tassled zipper. Without being too bulky or too small, the sleek Saffy Jewelry Case (8.5”L X 5”W X 1.25”H) will fit into any side crevice of your luggage or purse.



Our PU Saffiano leather is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. But we do recommend the use of our complimentary dust bag to keep your jewelry case clean and dust-free.




Our vegan leather is made of 100% PU saffiano leather. That means it is completely cruelty-free. PU leather is also in many ways better for the environment than real leather, which uses toxic chemicals as dyes, and wreak havoc, often in vulnerable regions, where the need to grow animals and produce animal feed lead to deforestation. There is also the questionable debate of whether leather is truly a byproduct of the meat industry, and not the other way around, especially when considering that some exotic leathers account for the majority of the value of many farms.

However, we do acknowledge that recyclable alternatives to leather are not without impact on the environment. But PU leather is much better for the environment than other types of synthetic leather like PVC, which don't degrade over time, produce harmful dioxins, and use highly toxic chlorine.

Moreover, we are excited about the future of cruelty-free leathers. Innovative breakthroughs are happening with different ways to make PU leather from vegetable-based plastic to reducing the amount of petroleum used to produce them. The way we see it, animal leather will always be dependent on animals. Whereas, there are infinite possibilities with vegan leather to innovate and become more environmentally-friendly. We are committed to exploring these avenues. 


Seeing is believing

Vegan leather has come a long way. What seemed impossible just a few years ago is a reality now. Our PU saffiano leather is so good, it feel just like the real thing. Below are just some of the benefits of PU leather. 

• Soft and rich and supple like leather

• Surface is microporous and allows the fabric to “breathe”

• Inherently acts as a moisture barrier

• Excellent abrasion resistance 

• Liquid spills can be easily wiped away 

Elegant design. Functional utility. Cruelty-free. Easy returns. There are no compromises with the Saffy Jewelry Case. To believe it, you may just have to try it.