Travel Q&A: Share Your Travel Story With Us

Thanks for your interest in sharing your travel story. First, here’s a little bit about us.  


About Us

At Travel by Word, we focus on stylish travel that's responsible. We tackle responsibility on two main fronts: we assist our readers travel financially responsibly by helping them get the most bang for their buck. With the right planning and budgeting, we believe a five-star experience can be had without five-star prices.

We also believe that a stylish or plush travel experience can and should be had while taking the local economy and overall environment into consideration. Even the most cynical of luxury travelers are aware of the need to go green and be more socially responsible. They just don't know how. 

While renting a private jet for two for a weekend getaway might be outside our scope of interest, we’re happy to cover topics like which airlines offer the most legroom, how to get from one city to the next on a luxurious train or how to ease the burden of overtourism by being selective about where to shop. So if you have any money saving tips or ways to travel consciously while telling your story, please share them.

Our Tone

The best way to write for our audience is in a conversational tone. Imagine you're talking to a friend who's interested in visiting the destination you are about to share. Tell him or her what you did or ate, but also include the funny, memorable, confusing or disconcerting things you encountered. We are just as interested in what it was like to share a room on a train with someone who spoke a different language, as much as we want to know how best to dress while visiting a religious site. 

How to Share Your Story

There are two formats to consider when telling your story: Top 3 and Itinerary. (When clicking on the formats, please wait a few seconds for it to upload). 

  1. Travel Q&A - Top 5

The Top 5 Travel Q&A form allows you to share your top five activities, and top three to five eating experiences. (If your trip was more adventurous where food wasn't a focal point, please explain this in the restaurant section.) This is a good format to use if you would rather capture highlights instead of sharing the entirety of your trip.

  1. Travel Q&A - Itinerary 

The Itinerary Travel Q&A allows you to share your trip in chronological itinerary format for up to 14 days. If you think our readers could benefit from following your itinerary, this would be a great format for you to tell your story. 

 A Small Token of Our Appreciation

Once your story has been approved for publishing, we will email you a $75 gift card you may use toward a one-time purchase at our online store. One of the things we try to do at Travel by Word is personalize the travel experience through stories like yours. So thanks again for sharing your experience with our community of readers!